Wild Lore exists due to the efforts of many people.

Learn about some of the teachers and organizers currently involved:

Carolyn Smith
Carolyn has been a student of herbal medicine since 2008. She completed Lise’s Three Seasons Herbal Intensive in 2010, and has been Lise’s apprentice since fall of 2012. Working closely with Lise, Carolyn has learned: the power of subtle small doses of plants for healing; the use of local abundant plants for medicine, and the value of carefully listening to people and their pulse to hear what they need, and listening to plants to learn what they do. Through Lise’s mentorship she has established her own practice. She completed a 10 week intensive internship at HerbPharm during the summer of 2013, working on their organic farm in Williams, Oregon, cultivating medicinal plants and studying with a variety of herbalists, naturopaths, and herb farmers while there. She has studied with Martin Bulgerin (of BioPsciences Institute) on Flower Essences, taken classes with Matthew Wood, and studied ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, and traditional plant usage in Hawaii with Kathleen Harrison and Dennis McKenna.

Luke Boushee
Luke has spent time as a student at many primitive skills schools and taught at a few too. He’s completed Teaching Drum Outdoor School’s year long Wilderness Guide Program, was an intern at Roots School for 9 months and studied herbalism at Farmacy Herbs. He has been a nature mentor at Two Coyotes Wilderness School, Earth Walk Vermont and Lazy Mill Living Arts . This is his second year apprenticing under master blacksmith Lucian Avery. Luke spends most of his time practicing traditional crafts, foraging and going on wilderness excursions. Some of his crafts adventures and such can be seen on his website

Derek Winston Maxwell
is a designer, builder and experimenter. In the last 5 years he has focused his energies on sustainable food production. Working both in organic sustainable agriculture as well as learning to build wood fired ovens to transform raw foods into delicious pizzas, breads and more. Returning to Minneapolis from rural Wisconsin, he hopes to share his knowledge and experience to promote and encourage the continual development of sustainable communities.

Gabriel Gerow
has been a Wilderness EMT since 2010. He has used his medical and first aid skills for environmental and social justice activism as well as working as an EMT. He has a background in ropes rescue and rigging. Recently he has pursued further medical training and is completing paramedic school.

Wesley Nugteren
is a professional naturalist, aspiring craftsperson, and lifelong wanderer. He grew up on a South Dakota farm and takes pride in the soil-stained crevices of his fingertips. He believes in teaching a respect for nature that is born in love rather than fear. This means smelling the earth, touching the plants, and mindfully stepping off trail to take a closer look. Wesley is a naturalist at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary and recently started offering private naturalist services through Seeking the Wild (

Zac Fittipaldi
has been working on wilderness skills since 2003 when he killed his first deer and figured out how to turn the skin to leather. Though his heart is in Minnesota, he has traveled the country learning, practicing, and passing on skills including basket weaving, hide tanning and leather craft, wild food gathering and ax craft. He completed a basketry apprenticeship at the Ancient Arts Center of Coast Range, OR. Zac has taught at many gatherings and schools including the Driftless Folk School, Wild Abundance, and The Stone Age Project.

is often hard to find, and spends much of his time following the harvests throughout the Midwest. He has been teaching Earth skills since 2003. Topics have included basketry, hide tanning, and other wild skills. He has taught at Wintercount, Rabbitstick, Traditional Ways, Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Driftless Folk School, and Great River School.