There are many ways to engage in the struggle for a better world. Here are some ideas and campaigns we want to support.


Rewilding. We need to expand natural ecosystems and wilderness areas, but not only in isolated and restricted parks. While protected areas are vitally important, we see habitats that are open to wildcrafting as doorways to connect people with the Earth. Not to experience nature as encapsulated campers with cookstoves and packaged foods, but instead as participants and equals. As the Earth sustains us, hopefully we will remember to sustain the Earth. We have started with a wildcrafting garden in Minneapolis, but also have goals for more rewilding projects farther afield.


Hiawatha Food Forest: Sign the petition for supporting an ecological park and food forest at Lake Hiawatha! We are especially interested in the possibility of having native plants for edibles and wild crafting materials. Returning wild rice to the area would be the ultimate goal (and water quality test).

The backstory: Lake Hiawatha (once known as Rice Lake) at one time had wild rice growing in it. Since then, the lake was dredged and the wetlands around it were drained to make way for the 140-acre Hiawatha Golf Course which is part of the Minneapolis public parks system. The golf course has become difficult to maintain and expensive, requiring excessive amounts of storm-water to be pumped into the lake, thus damaging water quality. We are excited about new options for this land to become healthy again.

Oppose the PolyMet sulfide mine

The PolyMet NorthMet open pit copper-nickel mine is proposed to be located in Minnesota’s Lake Superior Basin. The open pit mine would be located on what is now public land in the Superior National Forest, containing beautiful wetlands and uplands. The tailings basin will require constant monitoring and pumping in order not to leak. An eventual containment failure is inevitable over the lifespan of the polluted area. There are many organizations actively opposing this project, we encourage you engage as you see fit. More information at