Our goal is the renewal of native ecosystems and the reconnection of people with sustainable ways of living.

Let us go beyond environmental conservation, and seek to begin the processes of rewilding both habitats and humanity. This entails fostering the re-growth of natural ecosystems and rediscovering that we can live fulfilling and beautiful lives without energy-intensive, modern-technologies.

Current attempts at green energy and technology aim to continue lifestyles based off of a short-term era of fossil fuels. We need to face the facts that there is no sustainable way to create energy at the levels our global society currently uses. The myth of the Anthropocene is that we can find a way to continue this gilded age.

This is not to completely reject all our modern ways of life, but to open a path to integrate older and more sustainable traditions back into our daily existence one step at a time.

Our starting point is to create the motivation for action by connecting people with their local ecosystems in a deep and meaningful way. We create the connection by sharing traditional skills as a way to eat, weave, heal and live directly from the land. The generosity of the earth will inspire generosity to Earth.

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Our current goals include:

  1. Creating a community workshop  and resource center for traditional crafts. A plan to learn and grow skills together. Such a space may also have a tool library, gallery, and shop with materials, and crafts for sale and trade.
  2. Beginning a series of “barn-raising” events that would build shared infrastructure oriented towards longterm sustainability. This will start with a native plant focused community garden and an earth oven work party.
  3. Expanding our calendar of ongoing classes and craft events, offering classes by experienced and motivated instructors