Bong Styles

There are a great many styles and designs for bongs. Many people think of a bong as a round based glass bong that has a straight tube neck coming out of it with a piece that holds the cannabis being inserted in the side. While that is a very popular design style for bongs, it is not the only type of design, and you can actually get a lot of different looks and styles for your bong. Many of these have different benefits and advantages, and to make sure that all those joining the stoner community have a good idea of what is being offered to them, we have decided to write a bit about the bong styles that are not as well known as the round bottom bong with a straight tube neck. If you wish to buy any of the styles mentioned or to browse through the different types of bongs, you can go online to and check out the collection.

First of all we have the beaker shaped bong. This types of bong is more or less the same as the round bottomed bong or an absolute straight tube bong with a seal at the bottom. The only additional benefit this type of bong provides is that it is a lot more stable than the other straight forward bongs because of the large surface of the base. This type of bong only needs cannabis, water, and a lighter for it to work for you, and is the most stable of the basic designs.

You have more elaborate designs like the multi chamber bong. The multi chamber bong is also called a recycler bong and is usually shaped like a straight tube with additional chambers on the side. Its deasign helps clean and filter the smoke a few extra times for a smoother smoking experience.

Fighting Industrial Pollution

The world’s atmospheric carbon levels have risen to an extent that we’ve never seen before and it’s all happened so fast that the planet has very little that it can do to keep up with it and we can blame our industries for this directly. Before the industrial revolution, the world was much cleaner and the air was healthier and in just under a century, we’ve cut away over a quarter of the world’s forests, dumped more plastic than nature can handle and made our air toxic.

How did all this happen? Where did we go wrong in our progression as a species and made things this bad for us all? Well, most would get emotional and argue that factories need to shut down but let’s be honest here, there’s no way that’s ever going to happen but it’s still not too late to strike a balance between preserving the environment and progressing – what’s missing is awareness and that’s where National Registry of Environmental Professionals comes in.

There are many businesses that are actually making big money by collecting carbon from the air and plastic from the oceans, by promoting these kinds of businesses that turn pollutants into resources, we’re helping clean the environment and meek out industrial activities going but in a sustainable fashion. Thanks to awareness, some businesses that were previously causing pollution are also looking for ways to make their industrial activities sustainable.

We need more accredited professionals that are working towards a better environment and helping industries move towards greener means of producing both goods and power, so the benefit is for all. Environmental management is a field that has a huge potential, not only as a career but for the betterment of the world as well.