If you know even a little about human hair, you would know that there are not many different types of hair extensions. Since hair weaves are an accessory that are very visible once you put them on, it is recommend to choose one carefully. The best way to do so is to research as much about them as possible and read up different tips on choosing them. If you make a bad purchase and cannot return it, ditch it rather than put it on and embarrass yourself.

Before you make the decision of getting a man weave, get all the information that you can and this is where this article will help you. We are going to talk about the two main types of hair weaves that are easily available in the market.

Human Hair

Human hair is the weave that will bring you as close to real hair as possible. Some people avoid it as it is not their own hair but someone else’s which is understandable. Many unaware people think that it is completely gross but you need to be assured that if human hair is converted into hair weaves, it is completely clean and healthy to use. One great thing about human hair weave is that it can be styled in any way and heat styling appliances would not damage it.

Synthetic Hair

It is certainly cheaper than human hair and does not contain any gross factor that human hair weaves might have for some people. The only problem is that it cannot be styled using appliances that use heat as that will permanently damage the weave so make sure that you do not bring any such appliance near it. You can style it using other products just as easily.