There is no denying that the American bald eagle is perhaps one of the most revered animals ever. Especially when you look at its white head in contrast with its massive body, you can simply not mistake it for a bird that is any less majestic than the bald eagle. Did you know that this raptor happens to be so unique and distinctive as compared to some of the others that on June 20th, 1782, the American congress decided that it wants to use it on its official seal.

However, the American Bald Eagle is more than just a raptor that is extremely very popular in the US. Which means that there is more to this bird than just the looks, and its place in the American history. In this article, we explore some of the interesting facts about this marvelous raptor.

It is The Apex Predator

The one thing that you need to know is that the bald eagles are the apex predator. Why do I say that? Well, for one, they rule the sky, and their dominance exceeds to a point where they don’t really hunt for themselves, rather than that, they are known for scavenging, or just stealing the kills of other birds. Tha tis not to say that they don’t hunt at all, because when they just glide above the water, and snag the fish that they want for themselves.

They See a Lot

I am sure you have heard about the amazing vision that eagles possess. Well, this is not something that you just see in movies, or games. As a matter of fact, an eagle’s vision is 4 times better than a human’s vision, and it means that it can easily spot animals from 3 miles away. In addition to that, bald eagles are also able to see the UV light.

The Flying Beasts

A bald eagle’s wing span can range anywhere from 6 to 7.5 feet; this only means just how beastly they are when it comes to flying. As for soaring speed, they can easily reach 30 mph, which is equivalent to the speed of a horse at full gallop. They are even capable of breaching the speed dives, but normally do not go to that extent.

Fight Till Death

Female bald eagles are known for laying two eggs at a time. If both eggs hatch, and there is a time of distress ,the older, and healthier one will peck the weaker one to a point it can no longer survive, and then push it off the nest. This done to secure all the available resources for itself.

Partners For Life

American bald eagles usually mate for life, however, if one of them dies, they start looking for another partner right away. Before the copulations, bald eagles actually have mating rituals that they take part in while they are flying. Locking talons, and making cartwheeling free falls are just some examples of their mating rituals that they take part in.