Most of the people may have heard of the term bath bomb but a lot of them do not know what they actually are. So if you are curious to know, bath bombs are actually designed to serve the purpose of giving a fascinating and relaxing bath experience to the user. It is called a bath bomb because the ingredients present in them when exposed to warm water start to fizz up, and for dramatic effects some people like to drop them in their bath. Not only will they fizz, but will give off various colors, fragrance and bubble. They come in various shapes, sizes and brands but the ones that are the most famous is by an organic cosmetic brand called Lush. With that said, we will now be moving on to discuss some of the interesting facts that peopleĀ  probably do not know about bath bombs, check them out below.

Fizzy Ingredients

They contain a bunch of powders like citric acid, soap contents and fragrances. Usually it is the soap and the different acidic contents that make it fizz when it comes in contact with water.

Relaxation Contents

Another interesting thing about bath bombs is that they are used for the purpose of relaxation and for taking baths. Although most people generally associate the idea of relaxation with warm baths but the bath bomb also plays a big role in it. The relaxation content includes the fact that the splash of color that people see in their bath is great for diverting the mind and the patterns it will make also help in focusing on it which is an element of mindfulness. Along with that, the bath bomb contains various fragrances and essential oils which are combined with warm water help in destressing and relaxing the body, making the overall experience therapeutic for people.