Euro is the currency which is used all over Europe and people coming into Europe from different of the world have to convert their currency into Euros to use cash here, the most visited countries include France, Germany Italy, Spain and a few others, those who reside in Europe would generally have no currency exchange issues but those come in from far abroad don’t know where to exchange and which vendor is the right one, first of all you should learn all about currency exchange and since you know that Euro is the currency used in Italy you can keep tabs on its exchange rate fluctuation and you can either exchange it when feasible and keep it as cash notes.

Planning is key when you are headed to a country where you know little about and that planning does not end with just planning the obvious stuff which is advance bookings and taking care of accommodations but going in great detail in order to avoid any issues, planning in advance, getting your debit/credit card in place or exchanging currency is the best way to go about, or else you can do what most people do but suffer almost 10 to 15% transaction loss and that is significant especially if you are converting a good amount of money, it is like paying $10 for every $100 you convert and you can multiply that with the amount you would want to convert, so the currency in Italy now which is the Euro is easily available in any part of the world, it is recommended that you either get it converted and save it in advance or keep a working debit/credit card with you and get the cash in euros out of any Automated Teller machine in Italy.