From a medical perspective, herbs and plants have always been the basis on top of which modern medicine was able to build itself. There would be no medicines, pills, syrups, or shots that we could take to fight diseases unless we were able to build on the knowledge of what effects different herbs and plants have on the body. While our ancestral roots have come a long way and we do not need to eat or rub plants on ourselves, modern science still requires a base on which they can build forward and also find inspiration and solutions for new problems.

To make new medicine requires going back to the basics to get new information and new raw materials. In this article we will be talking about a herb that has recently spurred a lot of different scientific studies so that, the Cissus quadrangularis. To read about this herb in detail, you can go online and visit and read the background, uses, side effects, and history of this herb.

Now the reason this herb has gotten such a great research reception in the medical world is because of the number of things it is believed to have helped with even as a raw herb. The Cissus quadrangularis works for a number of things and that has lead to new research on it to fully unlock its potential as a medicine. Previously this herb has widely been used for things such as treating hormonal imbalances, irritations and inflammations, and also used to relive pain. Particularly popular amongst middle aged women, this herb has been used to get rid of menstrual pain and imbalances in the menstrual cycle. It also helps ease the conditions of menopause. Finally it was used as a hemorrhoid by both men and women.