One of the most lavish décor found in households are the bonsai trees. These small plants are grown in a well-balanced environment. These small trees are grown into small pots and can be smaller than a few inches and can be fully grown when they reach twelve to thirty nine (almost one meter) inches or more. The Bonsai trees are mostly created to represent the model of trees indoors. They are for decoration purposes or the hobby of gardening. The technique of Bonsai art is from Japanese culture. Basically for the mimicking of larger trees in containers.

This art is dated thousand or more years in Japan. Such similar culture is also a part of China and many other such traditional heritages. The art usually isn’t suitable for the purposes of growing things. It was more focused on the fact that it pleases the viewer. One of the few species from which Bonsai is created are bonsai sycamore tree, Willow bog Bonsai, Hawthorn Bonsai etc. These being species of the source materials. These source samples are taken by the tree rather by seedlings, as it’s harder to grow a Bonsai straight from seeds. The source being available in gardens or nurseries or they can be taken from layering and cutting from the original trees. It is though hard to take care of a bonsai as it needs careful trimming and pruning. The dead part must be cut as to not affect the live part.

The aesthetic art of the Bonsai trees from Japanese culture has different variants of styles in which they are grown. Although, the common Japanese Bonsai are grown outdoors, the one used in for décor and are kept indoors, are usually the ones grown and taken care of in the nontraditional style.