While you were still in school, you might have played sports on a ground that was marked with chalk powder. They do this a lot for badminton courts and even baseball pitches. The idea is to establish a temporary playing field on the grass or sometimes just plain ground. If there was a sports event coming up in your school, you’d have noticed that they mark the ground using some paint instead of the usual powder.

There are some instances in which lines and makings need to be done with a great deal of accuracy and using materials that are more or less permanent. Can you think of any such instances asides from playing fields? We’ll give you a second or two to think about it. Ultimate Site Services has been line marking in Sydney for over twenty years now and has become a recognized force when it comes to both industries and civil works. Here’s when line marking is necessary.


Surely, you already thought of this one. The broken white lines on the road mark the lanes we drive our cars in. When the line turns solid, you can no longer switch lanes. Imagine how chaotic traffic would’ve been without these road lines telling us where to go. These lines are painted using thermoplastic rather than paint so the friction from the vehicles doesn’t erase them.

Industrial Work Floors

If you’ve ever been to a factory floor, you’ll see a lot of signage telling you of the safety hazards of certain areas. If you look to the floor, you’ll see a lot of lines of different colors as well. These lines establish boundaries that tell you where you can walk and where transport machinery should be driving.